chapter 3.

Dec. 15th, 2010 01:44 pm
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criminal legacy - chapter 3.

Mariana: Loren's been working so hard for Catherine. He's gone every single night and comes back with new injuries. Sometimes he brings home a leather suitcase stuffed with cash and drugs. I wish I could go out and join him, we do everything together, but lately I've been craving... normalish stuff. I think we need a date. Or, even better, a party! .... *stomach gurgles unpleasantly* ...wha?

Mariana: *cold realization* ... no. Anything but... fuck. *heaves* I won't think about it. I won't, I won't. Going to enjoy my date, damn it.

Mariana: *in a voice that's too high-pitched* It's such a gorgeous night! Are you having fuuuuuun? *tickles*

Loren: *wheeeezes*

Sean Chatterton, the greatest male stripper in the universe, was also roaming around town that night. Isn't he adorable?

While out on the town...

Loren: When you said "date," I thought you meant a candlelit dinner and roses. Color me surprised. What is this? A spa? ...a sex club?

Mariana: *ignores the dude creeping in the background, thinking oh no I slept with him once already* ... Shut up.

Meanwhile, Thad thinks about the encounter in the slums.

Thad: God, I hate that arrogant blonde bastard. Hm. Perhaps I could break into their mansion tonight and kill him. Yeah, I want him dead. I want him in the ground. That's it. He's got no right to tell me who I can't profit from. Ohhh. I'll hold the wife hostage. She's Catherine's cousin... and The Miss Thackery is a softie and could hand over her territory in exchange for... *thinks carefully* Must think about this matter further.

Mariana: Thanks for the wonderful night out. Sorry if I embarrassed you. With the, uhm, hot tub and all.

Loren: Hey, c'mon. It was a... fun, Mariana-esque experience.

Mariana: *nervous smile*

The street is silent. According to organized crime conventions, Thad Wilder really ought to have sent a lower-level man out to the Brooks mansion to kill Loren and kidnap Mariana but he believes his personal involvement will speak louder to Catherine.

Thad: They should be fast asleep. Thank god I was a computer nerd in high school otherwise I would've never been able to disable that alarm. *was a compulsive Sims downloader*

*over a late night chess game*

Mariana: Loren. Do babies freak you out?

Loren: ...Wha?

Mariana: *slightly trembling hand* Do they?

Loren: Their gooey smiles are a bit creepy...

Mariana: I'm pregnant.

Mariana: *before Loren can even open his mouth* I know, I know. It's a fucking inconvenience. We're only twenty, you've just started your career, and - .... *hears a crash, dun dun*

Loren: *wasting no time* really think you can break into my house like this? Why didn't you send any of your soldiers?

Thad: I didn't want to hear your screams from second-hand sources.

Loren: You're finished.

This was the look on Thad's face when Loren decided to "attack" him. Priceless indeed!

*attack attack attack*

Loren: *attempts to strangle Thad, really should've killed him last night!*

Thad: !! motherfucker!

Loren: Ha.

It really looks like Thad is recovering from hot buttsex here. I'll let the obvious jokes tell themselves.

Loren: ... you better go before I kill you.

Thad: *thinks Loren is a wuss for not actually killing him*

Catherine: Well. You've certainly proven yourself a capable soldier if Thad Wilder was willing to come here and kill you. I think a promotion is in sight. Keep up the admirable work, Loren.

Loren: Don't tell Mariana about this?

Catherine: She'll find out eventually, I'm sure. Next time, kill the bastard. I won't take "no" for an answer.

Gale: *while waiting for Catherine* I still don't trust Mister Loren Brooks. Something is off about him. ...something.

Loren: *is exhausted from the previous night* ... want to stay in bed forever, thanks.

But Loren can't sleep for very long because the phone rings and drama happens.

Loren: *screams into the phone* COURT? For what charges? You don't even have the balls to tell me in-person.

Mariana: ....

Mariana: ... perhaps working for Catherine wasn't the best idea. I've knots in my stomach and why do I've the feeling that you've started something really terrible, Loren? Why? ... ...whatever, I'm going upstairs and taking a bath.

Loren: Have a massage. Don't hate me if I rub too hard.

Mariana: Awh.

Loren: Goddamn it. Court. I can't fucking believe this. ...Bosses never go to court, only the little guys, the soldiers or Southie slum lords. I'll never rise in the ranks if I don't suck it up and kill people when I'm supposed to. Why can't I whack 'em? *practice makes perfect*

Awwww, look at the charming nursery for the future babies!

Loren: I'm glad you're feeling good today. *smiles* Heeeeeey, babies. Daddy loves you.

Mariana: You're embarrassing me.

Mariana: ... fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck not birth!

Miss Bailey Brooks.

Mariana: HOLD HER. *shoves Bailey into Loren's arms* Not finished. FUCK MY LIFE.

Mr. Damien Brooks.

The Benoit mansion lies on the far outskirts of the city and is rumored to be haunted by many spirits who died in the last war.

Sophie: My my my. Aren't you a beautiful girl? You'll be an excellent boss when you grow up.

Autumn Benoit.


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