chapter 2.

Dec. 14th, 2010 10:34 am
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criminal legacy - chapter 2.

This is the Thackery Mansion. At the moment, Catherine and Nathan Thackery live here in this old-fashioned home, but Catherine wants to kick out her younger brother because his simpering niceness annoys her to bits and pieces. Gale, Catherine's loyal bodyguard, also lives in the house for practical purposes. And look! The ocean! How charming.

Nathan Thackery.

Nathan is oddly sweet even though he grew up in a crime-ridden household. As a *gasp* boy, Nathan was mostly ignored by his mother and grew up surrounded by books, chess boards, and maps. He was also excluded from most family functions since Catherine would be taking over the business. He wants to have a very large family soon, but thinks it's impossible to find a person who will see him as a potential husband rather than a reward. Nathan attended preparatory school and went to university for Art History. Right now, he wants to teach high school, but Catherine thinks that occupation is weak, pathetic, and useless. She purposely flaunts her opinion so administrators are too scared to hire Nathan. How rude!

Mister Gale.

Gale is Catherine's loyal bodyguard. An anti-social man, Gale hates dinners and parties, and would rather hang around the slums to collect protection money and bribes. He's practically attached to Catherine's arm, which has generated some rude rumors created by the Wilder family. Right now, he's openly criticizing Catherine for hiring Loren Brooks as a solider. He's aware of Loren's violent history and thinks Mariana's husband is not worth their time or energy.

Gale: I don't trust him. Did you see his face? He's... violent and not in a good way!

Catherine: Excuse me. You're my bodyguard. Bodyguards are meant to shoot people who piss me off. Your opinion isn't needed.

Gale: ...

Catherine Thackery.

Although Catherine is head of one of the city's greatest crime families, she isn't as heartless as people think she is. She tends to believe the best in people, and wants to be "popular" among politicians, casino owners, movie stars, anyone with money or fame. Her feelings are easily hurt, but she covers her weakness by slicing people up with knives and dumping them in the ocean. Her mother saw Catherine's "desire to be well-liked" as a crucial weakness in her character.

Ohhh. Sidney Wilder decided to visit!

Sidney is one of the Wilder brothers. Right now, the Wilders are head of the city's second biggest crime organization. Sidney loves to have fun and doesn't take the business as seriously as his sadistic brother, Thad. Sidney adores romance and reads trashy romance novels to take his mind off the pressures of crime life. Of course, these fictional works give him unrealistic expectations about the world, and Thad is counting down the days for Sidney to "get whacked."

Nathan: *shy smile* Are you here to visit my sister?

Sidney: Who are you again?

Nathan: I'm not sure where Catherine is. Would you like to have lunch with me?

Sidney: ...No.

Nathan: Fine, I'll read books. Books never reject me. *artistic brooding, flips pages* Woe is me.

Catherine: Loren! It's a pleasure to see you again. Thank you for "disposing" of those pesky lawyers last night.

Loren: No problem. Thank you for the massive paycheck. ... *will not grope, ahem*

Catherine: Sidney visited me earlier. He and his brother threatened to torch my family's strip club.

Loren: Oh? What can I do?

Catherine: Go to the slums and kill the first Wilder bastard you see. Oh, and feel free to look at my merchandise.

Loren: The slums? God, I hate Southie.

Sophie Benoit: I'm stealing Catherine's swing. WOO!

Loren: I've to go. I won't be back until four again.

Mariana: *kiss attack* Don't worry about me, sweetie.

Loren: Whooooooa. Miss Thackery wasn't kidding. The merchandise is great. *has dollar bills ready*

Loren: I need that guy's name. Hmmm. ..... SHIT! I need to whack some Wilders!

*creepy slum house with bloodstains, ohhhh creepy*

Loren: I haven't seen anyone associated with the Wilders all fucking night. Why do I get the feeling I'm being set up?

Thad: You're the new Thackery lackey, aren't you?

Loren: *... yikes*

Thad Wilder.

Known as the crueler and more direct brother of Sidney, Thad Wilder has vicious mood swings and is rumored to suffer from bipolar disorder. Nonetheless, he's a very capable businessman and most people in the city are scared to death of him, especially people in Southie who owe him money or other important favors. Thad enjoys his position as "head of the Wilder family" and belittles his brother to prevent him from taking a larger slice of the profit. He's very arrogant as well, and feels like he doesn't need a bodyguard because most people would be too scared to make a move against him.

Loren: Miss Thackery requests that you stop being an asshole.

Thad: ... *laughs* And who are you?

Loren: I'm going to shove you down some stairs.

Thad: !!!

Thad: Better watch it or I'll slice your throat open.

Loren: My teacher would have that same look whenever I didn't turn in homework. Fuck yoooou.

Meanwhile... at Brooks Mansion...

Mariana: Oh, darling, everyone knows Loren and I are just friends. Shag me?


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